Following up the past year 2023, we at T1 Technical Services Inc, would love to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients a Very Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We have had a great year, getting to know so many of our clients further and doing what we can to assist our clientele from service to helping them avert financial issues with that one company operating to cause grief .
Our goal is to continue following that path by providing the bet services possible to all of you. We want to ensure you that; Securtek is an active and valid company, owned by SaskTel in Saskatchewan with an office also in Winnipeg. No one has sold your accounts or given up on you! The only thing that has changed is that so many of you have followed Securtek and trusted T-1 Technical Services Inc, to provide you service and help keep you protected.
Please if you are approached by individuals claiming this, please trust your better judgment and contact us at 204-947-2020 or 204-219-0058, or your MONITORING station at 1-877-777-7591.
There are many reputable Security Companies in Winnipeg, but as in everything there are the ones who count on misleading people with lines such as:
We installed your alarm and would like to update your system.
We need to update your agreement to a new monitoring station
We were hard done by someone and they owe us money

If someone has come to your house and represented themselves as such and left you with this you are not protected. We can help you by providing direction and opportunities after being subjected to these unrequested action!

In this age of Security, please help us protect you. Your system is very likely to be compromised leaving you and your families or business at risk if:
there is a yellow light on your DSC keypad press star *2, follow the errors on your screen,
if 3,4 appear please contact us immediately, this means there is no communication

If you have a Honeywell system you will see a FC( Failure to Communicate) on this screen
Ask us about our credentials and compare!